Community Guidelines & Safe Space Statement


It is important to us that we create and maintain a community that is safe, welcoming, and respectful to all. As unschoolers, we know that there is no value in creating rules for the sake of control, discipline, or to maintain hierarchical structures. This is why we have carefully crafted community guidelines that we hope every member of our community can see the value in and agree to follow.


By registering for NEUC, you will be agreeing to conduct yourself in accordance with these guidelines, and help young members of your family to do the same, so please read the guidelines carefully.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact conference organizer Emmett directly:


  • We believe that unschooling is about joyful self-expression, so racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, sexual harassment or discrimination of any kind is not welcome in this space. NEUC takes a strong stance on these issues, and we expect other conference-goers to do the same. If issues arise, please find a conference organizer, and we will help work through the situation. Specifically, taking a stance against transphobia in the unschooling community means not promoting “unschooling” resources that also promote transphobia, and not inviting conference presenters who support such resources. If you have questions about this policy, please contact: If you feel that you are lacking knowledge on any of these issues, NEUC will be hosting programming discussing these topics, and you are welcome to attend!

  • Treat the conference space (Sheraton Four Points) respectfully. This means doing our best to limit damages to the building and property. The hotel staff worked very hard year-round to ensure a beautiful, clean conference space. We understand that mistakes happen! If minor damages occur, please tell a conference organizer so that we can inform the hotel staff.

  • Treat hotel staff respectfully. They always tell us how much they love our conference, and that we are great guests. It’s nice to have our egos stroked every year, so let’s keep it that way!

  • No elevator shenanigans. We share the elevators with the rest of the hotel guests and employees. We know they can feel like fun toys, but they are not. Please do not play in them! We will provide plenty of safe spaces for play to happen respectfully.

  • Stick to the conference space at night. This year, we have the conference space booked for 24-hour use! We know that staying up all night with friends is a big part of NEUC, but the hotel is full of other guests who are trying to sleep. Out of respect for other guests, please try to keep your nocturnal hangouts in the conference space, not in the hallways where guestrooms are or in the stairwells.

  • Look out for your children and help them follow our agreements! One of the great things about NEUC is that the conference space is separate from the rest of the hotel, which can make it feel like it’s totally fine for children of any age to run around unsupervised. However, please stay with your young children or make sure that another responsible person is with them. 


Our goal is for everyone of all ages to follow these agreements, so please make sure they are communicated to every member of your family, and make sure every member of your family has the support they need to follow these agreements to make sure that NEUC is a safe, enjoyable, joyful conference for everyone! Thank you for joining us in our commitment to making our second home better and better every year!

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