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Support Groups



Grown Unschooler's Panel


Ever wonder what grown unschoolers think of the unschooling philosophy? Do they wish anything had been done differently, or have any regrets? What kind of life paths do they take, and where do they end up as adults? This beloved NEUC tradition gives parents and young unschoolers a unique opportunity to ask a panel of grown unschoolers the questions that are on their minds. Our diverse panel features a wide range of life experiences, higher education choices, family structures, and more. Come prepared with your questions for our panelists!


Teen Unschooler's Panel

Come one, come all to the annual NEUC Teen Panel! This incredible, diverse group of teenagers will reflect on growing up unschooled, discuss their plans for the future, and answer your questions.
Whether you are looking forward to having teenage unschoolers and hoping to gain insight into their world, reflecting on when your kids were teens, or wanting to hear the perspective of other teenage unschoolers like yourself, this group of young people is here to answer your questions with empathy and vulnerability. Come prepared with questions, or just show up and see with these amazing young people have to say.

Ask A Midwife: A Sex Education Q&A

Come listen to Midwife Michele answer your questions about sex, sexuality, and sexual health! No subject or question is off-limits. Michele will answer popular and interesting questions from your submissions! Session one is for parents and adults (20+ years old) and session two is for tweens and teens (12-19 years old). Questions can be anonymously asked until Sunday, August 15th, 2021 at the following link.

Michele James-Parham (they/them) is a midwife of over two decades and an inclusive sex education teacher. They live in Pittsburgh, PA with their spouse and two always unschooled children (17y/o & 5y/o). Michele identifies as trans nonbinary, queer, disabled, autistic, Romani, and Mizrahi.

The Big 6 Panel and Q&A


The Big Six: Sleep; Chores; Food; Electronic Gaming; Passive Media (Netflix/YouTube); Personal Hygiene; How do we navigate these complicated waters within our unique families, in a way that best supports our children, and every member of our families? These topics are complex and personal, and often constitute the most challenging aspects of unschooling for many families. Come prepared to ask questions and be engaged by our diverse panel of parents with a wide range of experience in these topics. There will be plenty of time for questions and open discussion!

College Panel

Are you a parent of a young unschooler who might consider college? Or a teenage unschooler looking to figure out what your next steps look like? Maybe you are just sick of hearing "but how will they get into college" and you want some great anecdotes with which to respond.

Our panel of college going unschoolers are here to answer your questions with a variety of experiences and insights! 

During this discussion, we will talk about transcripts, the admissions process, the academic demands of college and academic readiness, school socializing and "fitting in" as an unschooler, and more.

Unschoolers, unschooling parents, and those curious about unschooling are welcome to attend this discussion.

Careers Panel

The world is full of exciting possibilities for young unschoolers entering adulthood and figuring out their paths in life. College is one path, but it's not the right choice for everyone. Our career path grown unschoolers are here to answer your questions and discuss the wide range of opportunities possible for unschoolers, outside of higher education. Travel, volunteer opportunities, starting your own business or company, entering the workforce, creating ways to turn your dream into an income... how can parents best support unschoolers as they find their own way? 

Unschoolers, unschooling parents, and those curious about unschooling are welcome to attend this discussion.

Grown and Young Unschoolers Connect: A By Us For Us Q&A

Being raised unschooled is a unique experience. For better or worse this can make it hard to find those who can relate or provide perspective from a place of personal experience. This Q&A discussion group provides a space for young unschoolers to connect and ask grown unschoolers questions about this life experience and the challenges that can arise. Bring your questions or just come to listen and share space!


All ages are welcome.


This space is not for parents or those not raised as unschoolers. Parents wishing to ask questions or hear directly from unschoolers may come to one of our other talks such as the Grown Unschooler's Panel.

Community Discussion: LGBTQ+ And Unschooling

What does it mean to be part of multiple minorities, and specifically to be part of the unschooling community AND LGBTQ+ communities, while knowing that the unschooling community has often embraced queer and transphobia? How do we balance these multiple identities, and assert our right to exist in the unschooling movement? Please join us for this LGBTQ+ unschooling support & discussion group! Families with any LGBTQ+ members are welcome and encouraged to attend and join us in community. Allies are welcome, but LGBTQ+ voices will be centered.

An LGBTQ+ only support group will be held separately.


Community Discussion: Mental Health

Mental health is a vital part of our lived experience, however, sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to talk about and explore. This  community discussion is an opportunity to talk openly about mental health in all its facets in a supportive, nonjudgmental space, specifically designed to work within the unschooling philosophy. 

Rhianon Small will act as moderator and facilitator. Although she is available to talk privately about anything gone over in this discussion, Rhianon is not a licensed clinician, and asks you to refer to the list of resources provided here for professional help.

Community Discussion: Racism and Unschooling

Join us for a prompt led discussion on racism in our community. We believe it is important to foster an environment of anti-racism at our conference and in the unschooling community at large and this discussion is geared with that goal in mind.

We encourage you to listen to our keynote speaker's (Maleka Diggs) talk prior to this discussion.

Come prepared to listen, reflect, and learn. 

Unschooling vs Unparenting: Finding the Balance in Your Family discussion

It can be hard to know how to find the balance between unschooling and unparenting in each individual family. Decisions around nutrition, behavior in public, health and more will be handled in each family.


Come join this discussion focused around finding balance, hear the perspectives of others, and talk through your own successes or struggles finding balance in your family.

Unschooling on a Budget: Low income and single income families chat

Unschooling can be challenging for those of us with limited means, especially when so many in our community live financially privileged lifestyles, and so much unschooling advice given to parents assumes that financial privilege.


Come join this discussion for those who identify as low-income, get tips for making it work on a budget, and find community with others who understand that unschooling might look a little different for our families.

Support Groups


Support groups are not recorded

My Kids are Grown, Now What?

My Kids Are Grown, Now What? is an NEUC favorite. This open discussion group is a support space for parents of grown unschoolers to come together and discuss the joys and challenges of parenting adult unschoolers, life transitions as young people grow into adults, fears and hopes for ourselves and for our children, and celebrate our families with other unschooling parents who truly understand our life walk. This discussion circle will be moderated by Brenda LaPorte, parent of two grown lifelong unschoolers.


Primary Caregiver Support Group

Being the primary caregiver in an unschooling family is full of unique joys, struggles, insecurities, and rewards! This space is for the primary caregivers in unschooling families to join together in support and community with others who truly understand unschooling.  We recognize that these distinctions are not always clear, and encourage those who are the primary worker AND caregiver to attend both sessions. This group will be run on two different days and times to give everyone an opportunity to attend.

Primary Worker Support Group

Being the primary worker in an unschooling family is full of unique joys, struggles, insecurities, and rewards! This space is for the primary workers in unschooling families to join together in support and community with others who truly understand unschooling. We recognize that these distinctions are not always clear, and encourage those who are the primary worker AND caregiver to attend both sessions. This group will be run on two different days and times to give everyone an opportunity to attend.

LGBTQ+ Support Group

Being part of the LGBTQ+ community comes with a myriad of unique challenges and joys.  Whether you've known for years or are just starting to question your sexuality and/or gender, this support group is a space to be authentically yourself. All ages welcome!


This is a space ONLY for those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. A general community discussion will be held separately where family members, friends, and allies will be welcome.


Raised Unschooled Support Group

This CLOSED support space is for those RAISED as unschoolers ONLY. Unschoolers need time and space away from pressure to represent the philosophy, to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of growing up in this unique minority. Unschoolers are welcome to attend whether or not they like the philosophy. All unschoolers are welcome, but this event is more suitable for teenage and grown unschoolers.


Artist Trading Cards (ATC)

Bring your crafting supplies and ideas to the table! A longtime tradition at NEUC, ATC is a chance to create pocket sized artwork while connecting with your community. Lets see what we create this year and remember to bring your creations to the conference next year to trade with friends!


Those who register before July 1st will receive 10 blank cards in their care box.


Dramatic Table Reading

If you’ve ever gone to Comic-Con, or any similar convention of fans and artists of pop culture, you may have attended a panel where celebrity guests perform table readings of iconic scenes from films, plays, or television. A search on YouTube will provide plenty of examples.
During this workshop, we’ll perform dramatic readings of scenes from plays in the public domain. Links to downloadable scripts will be provided in advance. One potential source is the Gutenberg Project. Once the roles have been distributed, each participant will have a few minutes to gather at-hand objects to create impromptu costumes and props as they see fit.

Cook Along

Join us for our community cook-along! Using the ingredients list found in your NEUC Box to shop ahead, join us on Zoom to cook together as a community, and share in a delicious meal of Black Bean, Corn, and Roasted Red Pepper Lettuce Cups- a vegan, gluten-free, nut free delicacy.


This is the perfect way to meet new friends, connect with community, and relax together.

Creative Writing

Like any skill, writing well requires practice. We’ll look at some tools to spark creativity, from story prompt generator apps to picture dice. We’ll have a few sprint sessions, taking a random prompt (or an idea of one’s own choosing), and writing stories in ten-minute chunks. After each sprint, each writer will have an opportunity to share what they’ve written, if they so choose.

Knitting 101


Ever been curious about how turn a ball of yarn into a work of art? Join us for an hour of knitting basics! From casting on to all your basic stitch techniques we'll answer your questions and provide step by step instruction.

Don't have any knitting supplies? You can substitute knitting needles with other household objects such as chopsticks, or even some clean sticks from the yard!

Twine, embroidery thread, ribbon, or even thin wire if you're up for a challenge can substitute for yarn.

Knitting Circle

Are you new to the craft and looking for advice on your first project? Or perhaps a seasoned veteran seeking to connect with fellow knitting/crochet enthusiasts? Bring your current projects, queries, and a hot cup of tea, its time to curl up for a cozy hour of fun!

All levels welcome. This is a community space for connection and sharing the joy of the textile arts!

Movie Classics

Join us for some Sunday morning cult classics! We will be showing “Clueless (PG-13)” on Sunday the 15th, and “Practical Magic (PG-13)” on Sunday the 22nd.


Movies will go slightly into the lunch hour due to run time.

Werewolves of Millers Hollow

Werewolves of Millers Hollow is a card game set in a fictional village where werewolves try to outwit the villagers and devour the town. Players play as either a villager or werewolf. During the night each player takes on their role to either protect the village or destroy it. Upon waking, players debate with one another on who the werewolves in the group are. Can you find the wolf in your midst before it's too late? 

Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned player, join us for this NEUC favorite and take part in fate of Millers Hollow!