Unschoolers have the time and space to discover their passions and adventures and work and play hard at them.

Come to the Northeast Unschooling Conference, an annual gathering for unschooling families (and those interested in unschooling) to enjoy a community for learning and fun and to meet others for whom Life is a Joyful Adventure.

Hear amazing speakers, experience great entertainment, and enjoy all the wonderful unschooling kids, teens, and adults. Learn, Discover, Have Fun, and Make Friends!

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The conference begins on Thursday with registration at noon and program at 2 PM. There's a picnic on Monday for people who can stay.
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Some of this year's presenters:
Joyce Fetteroll
Karen Lundy
Debra Rossing

More coming soon!

Below is the design for the 2017 tee shirt. The shirt will be black with bright yellow letters. It was designed by Meredith Commings, with help from Alexis and Kevin Mercier.